Apple Watch X – A Decade of Innovation Packed into the Ultimate Anniversary Edition

apple watch x

The well-connected Mark Gurman claims that Apple is planning an update with an Apple Watch X to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the ground-breaking wearable.

Gurman claims in his monthly Power On newsletter that the model may represent the “biggest overhaul yet.” Apple might wait until 2025, even if it might debut in 2024.

Gurman notes that although Apple introduced the first Apple Watch in 2014, it wasn’t made available to the public until the following spring. Therefore, any may serve as an anniversary edition, theoretically. Given that the 2024 model will be the 10th generation Apple Watch, we would think the major redesign would debut in less than a year.

What then may Apple have planned for the Apple Watch X? Gurman argues that this version may eventually include long-tipped features like micro LED screens and blood pressure monitors. While Apple is also developing new techniques for securing bands for the watch, the watch could possibly get thinner than it is now.

“Since the first Apple Watch, bands have slid into the sides of the chassis and attached to a locking mechanism,” he wrote. It had drawbacks, but maintaining that design allowed the bands to work with both old and new models. New Apple Watch developers claim that the system occupies a sizable amount of space that would be better used for a larger battery or other components.

In order to achieve this, the business has looked into a new magnetic band attachment technology, however it’s not obvious if it will be used in the updated Watch X.

What is the Apple Watch 9 like? Just expect faster processors and new color options, according to Gurman. It has apparently been decided to hold the launch ceremony for this gadget and the iPhone 15 line on September 13.

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